Phillips Drive System

Innovation in Fastener Technology

External MORTORQ® Super Spiral


MTS-X1 thru MTS-X44

Features & Benefits

  • Super high strength bolt head design

    Offer extreme high-torque capabilities with lower head heights

  • Patented curved wings

    High socket-to-bolt head contact for optimum torque transfer

  • Lower head height

    Reduces assembly weight and component material costs

  • High damage tolerance

    Ability to remove damaged, corroded or seized fasteners, Eliminates drill outs and grinding off heads

  • Larger socket-to-head clearance

    Enables off-angle driving, Ability to remove fasteners even with heavy paint build up

  • Compatible with common sockets for service

    Assures field service in an emergency with standard Hex or 12 point sockets

  • PSC quality inspections

    Assures global system quality and compatibility

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