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Wizard Terms Definition
Cam-out Term used to define the adverse action of the driver bit being forced back out of the screw recess under torsional load. The bit bounces out of the recess. Repeated action of cam out can cause recess reaming.
Driver Compatibility Ability to use different driver bits in the same fastener recess.
Ease of Dissassembly Ability to easily remove a screw with a driver without permanent recess damage.
Global Acceptance Drive system elements (driver bits, fasteners and gauges) are available globally from controlled sources assuring worldwide compatibility and high performance.
Low Head Height Screw head height reduced below a standard screw head height. Allows for lesser clearance between the head and adjoining components. Also enables the use of thinner clamping component where the screw head is receded in a counterbore.
Off-angle Driving Degree of lean between the axis of the driver bit and the axis of the screw during rotation.
Stick Fit Ability of driver bit and screw recess to form a temporary bond, allowing for a one hand screwing operation.
Tamper Resistance A recess designed in such a way as to prevent removal with normally available drivers or tools.
Torque A twisting force that tends to cause rotation. Force applied to a screw recess by the driver bit. Force vector f acting perpendicular to the axis of rotation separated by a radius r.
Weight Reduction Weight of fastener is reduced by the ability to reduce head height compared to standard screws.
Other Terms Definition
"A" Spread The diameter of the head.
"M" Dimension Distance across the wings of the Phillips drive recess.
ACR® Anti-Cam-Out rib technology.
Bearing Surface The part of a fastener under the head that actually comes in contact with the component it fastens.
Blank A fastener where one or more stages of manufacturing have been performed, but the fastener has not been finished.
Cheese Head Old term used for fillister head.
Combination Drive Recess that can be driven with more than one drive system (e.g. Phillips with drive slot).
Cruciform Inherent cross-shaped recess of Phillips drive systems.
Debris Metal slivers created by reaming recess. See swarf.
Depth Gage Gage to measure the total depth of a recess.