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Phillips Screw wins Fastener Technology Innovator 2015

RELEASE DATE 03/12/2015

Stuttgart, Germany - Fastener + Fixings Magazine today announced that Phillips Screw Company's External MORTORQ® Super bolt design has won the presitgious Fastener Technology Innovator 2015 competition.  The award was presented on the final day of the Fastener Fair in Stuttgart.  The new design was developed to meet the challenge of reducing weight in high strength assemblies while providing the optimum torque transmission for both assembly and dis-assembly.  Phillips Screw Company has worked closely with leading jet engine builders and automotive platform teams to develop the new design to help them reduce overall weight and improve efficiency.

The team from Fastener + Fixings magazine reviewed twenty new technologies and chose the External MORTORQ Super design based on it's innovative design and it's long term potential for creating both manufacturer and customer benefit.  The new design will aid in the reduction of fuel usage while assuring end of life recycling of components in the most efficient manner.