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Unmatched global quality control for every component.

Phillips takes the integrity of its drive systems very seriously. In addition to mobilizing a global network of expert licensed manufacturers, Phillips pioneered worldwide quality programs that ensure the reliability of every drive system component from tooling to driver bits to fasteners. Regardless which Phillips manufacturing licensee your company chooses to source drive systems from, the quality, specifications and compatibility will never vary.

Phillips Drive Systems have no performance equals.
No company would think of specifying decades old components for their products, yet some continue to use nearly 50-year-old generic "Phillips" screws on their production lines. Often designed and manufactured with minimal oversight, their precision and quality can be uncertain. With new, proprietary, state-of-the-art Phillips Drive Systems, there is a modern alternative to out-of-date, low-tech assembly methods.

There are no substitutes for genuine Phillips Drive Systems. They have been proven technologically superior in the most demanding applications imaginable for over 75 years. Phillips' worldwide quality monitoring programs assure the precision and reliability of Phillips Drive Systems wherever production lines are located. Do not risk the integrity of your company's products with drive systems of uncertain quality. For unequalled performance specify only genuine Phillips Drive Systems.